Sea of Seas


SeaofSeas is a global collaborative video art piece, designed to enable anyone located by the sea shore to create a 2 minute video of the sky, sea and seashore. Each video was shared through YouTube to the SeaofSeas blog and Facebook. These short films straddle the line between public and private, thus proposing a meditation about how digital technology can enable art to evolve and bring audiences and artists closer together. SeaofSeas invites the viewers to consider how we encounter our life, how we engage with philosophical and metaphysical conundrums, and above all how to achieve globe collaborative art by using the sea as a metaphor. SeaofSeas allows for a collective experience, yet offers itself as an island, a meeting point for artists and audiences from all over the world. SeaofSeas is an ongoing project, and you are welcome to add your sea video to the collection.